The Best of Bob Blue

Bestof350pxThe Best of Bob Blue

A compilation of 35 songs Bob has written over the years, sung by many artists he admires

               Including Pete Seeger, Jane Sapp, Charlie King, Sally Rogers, & many other wonderful musicians young & old…

CD1: Rise Again

The Eensy Weensy Spider • Charlie King
My Mom Was A Hippie • Emily & Molly Cooksy
Their Way • Bob Blue
The Sandbox • Sally Rogers
Dear Mr. President • Katheryn Geha
Hollywood Romance • Bob Blue
To Have An Address • Dean Stevens
Size • Children’s Chorus, Joanne Hammil, Dir.
The Work That I Do • Linda Pollack-Johnson
What Matters • Rachel Libon
My Porcelain Bowl • Joanne Hammil
While I’m Here • Paul Kaplan
Not In Our Town
There Aren’t Any Dodoes Anymore • Lara Shepard-Blue
When The End Came • Bob Blue
Rebecca Jones • Susie Burke
Mistakes • Chris Gentes, Ben Howard & Blake Marcus
High Standards • Rick Goldin
A Little Night Words • Jackson Gillman

CD2: More Than One Way

More Than One Way • Phil Hoose, Verne McArthur, Sandy Pliskin, Jane Sapp, Pete Seeger, & PMN Chorus
Benny Miller • Ben Tousley
A Family Album • Ben Howard & Blake Marcus
The Baggins And The Took • Joanne Hammil & Anne Louise White
My Landlord • Emily Keefe
Standing Still • Anne Louise White
This Kind Of A Day • Chris Gentes
Chromosomophobia • Allan Arnaboldi
Working For The Wicked Witch • Children’s Chorus, Debbi Friedlander, Dir.
The Ballad Of Erica Levine • Bob Blue
Freedom To Choose • Kim Wallach
My Hobbit Hole • Martha Leader
Rachel • Joanne Levy
Pineapple Rag • Bob Blue
Courage • Cate Levin
Pigs • Bob Blue