Hollywood Romance (from the Best of Bob Blue)

      Hollywood Romance - Bob Blue


Rachel (from the Best of Bob Blue )

      Rachel - Bob Blue

I Don’t Get It from True Blue (Previously titled “Where’s the Fun?”) I Don’t Get It Sheet Music

      I Don't Get It - Bob Blue

My Landlord
(from the Best of Bob Blue)

      My landlord - Bob Blue

My Landlord from A Singing Tribute to Bob Blue performed by Ruth Pelham

      My Landlord - Bob Blue Ruth Pelham

Precious Friend (cover) Performed live by the Nice Jewish Boys


Pineapple Rag
performed by Bob on the Best of Bob Blue


I’m Not Scared
performed by Bob


This Kind of A Day
performed by Bob from one of his home demo tapes

      This Kind of a Day - Bob Blue


      The baggins & the took - Bob Blue