Bob2Quotes About Bob Blue…

Bob Blue’s songs describe the real stuff of everyday life, the sublime and the ridiculous, in ways that make us recognize ourselves. We laugh, cry, empathize, and ultimately resolve to be better people.”
~Betty Lehrman, storyteller,
writer & teacher, Framingham, MA

“Over the years Bob Blue’s words have indicated
his ultimate concerns for children and have provided me with inspiration and thought provoking insights for more effective decisions in my work”
~Leona Brzezinski, mother, musician and teacher
of children with thinking, learning, and behavioral difficulties.

“Personally, I find Bob Blue to possess the characteristics of a mentor from whom I want students to learn. Bob Blue’s What Matters video is the highlight of all the courses I teach” ~Ernie Pancsofar, Instructor of courses in special education at Central Connecticut State University.

“Bob Blue is an immediate friend who listens, cares, shares, creates, and inspires individuals on a very personal level. Even fans who know him purely through his writing and songs are chronically cheered by his being.”
~”Stand-Up Chameleon” Jackson Gillman, creator of many recordings, including a forthcoming “Jackson Sings the (Bob) Blues” which will feature his favorite Bob Blue repertoire

“Of the songs I sing, Bob Blue’s are the most frequently requested. They move listeners to the depths of their heart and souls”
~Sally Rogers, singer, songwriter, mother. Creator of several recordings, including her most recent  CD: “Songs of the Heritage Corridor.”

“Just let a lot of people hear more of his songs”

~Pete Seeger